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Emergency Funds Is More Important Than Travel Trip

Two weeks ago, my family members invited hubby and me to join them for a 3D 2N trip to Singapore. They would pay for the luxury hotel rooms while hubby and I just needed to help out with driving. They were so considerate. Unfortunately, we still had to turn them down. Our passports had expired […]

Third Party Debt Collection Agency Comes To Collect Credit Card Payment

Dear God, I am praying that my buddy’s debt management program application is approved this week. While chatting with him this evening, he told me that a third party credit card debt collection agency came to his house this morning to collect credit card payment on behalf of a bank. I understand how he feels […]

Private Tutoring Is A Good Source Of Income

I know many people are jobless or are going to be laid off soon. I should be grateful that parents of my students requested me to teach them again. It’s good to have another stream of income as a private tutor. Private tutoring is easy for me as kids seem to like me very much. […]

Are You Working 2 Jobs To Pay Off Debt?

Are you working two jobs to pay off debt? I am. I think many people are doing two jobs or trying to find two jobs to pay their bills. My blogging pal works as a full time private tutor and part time sales executive selling promotional business gifts to pay his credit card debts, home […]

To Make Money From Niche Blogs & Stores, You Need A Reliable Web Site Hosting Provider

Due to weakening economy, looming recession and possible layoffs, more and more friends and family members are trying to their best to find part-time jobs or odd jobs to supplement their income. In case if they are really laid off by their companies, they still have part-time jobs or odd jobs to pay their bills, […]