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U.S Unemployment Rate Spikes To 16-Year High Of 7.2%

When it comes to unemployment rate, I remember reading something about the U.S unemployment rate that spikes to 16-year high of 7.2%. According to a recent report, 2.6 million jobs were lost in 2008, the most since 1945. Some of my friends working in a factory manufacturing industrial knobs were working half month for December […]

Should Be Worrying More About Layoff Problem Than Salary Increment

Have you had your annual salary increment this year? My sister has been grumbling that she won’t be given any increment for year 2009. In fact, all her colleagues have the same fate. I remind my sister that she is lucky to still have a job. She should be worrying more about layoff problem than […]

May Hit $1,000 Emergency Funds By March Or April 2009

The other day I set my goal of $1,000 for emergency funds. Even though I have a few hundred dollars now for the emergency funds, I wonder if I can reach $1,000 by February 2009. This is because of hubby’s foot reflexology center. It’s open starting this month. Shop rental, furniture, small renovation, advertising board, […]

Dissatisfied With Ipoh RHB Customer Executives? Customer Care Service

Talking about home loans with some buddies, it seems that they are quite satisfied with their banks. I am satisfied with the RHB home loan staff. But, I am not quite satisfied with certain RHB staff based in Ipoh main office. They are front line customer executives who are handling phone calls and customer inquiries. […]

Banks Still Charge 18% Interest Rates & Late Fees

I am still waiting for some banks’ official letters before I can add up my total debt. Some of the banks are really stubborn! You see, I have been under the debt management program since October 2008. Until now, some banks are still unwilling to send me an official letter stating the exact balance I […]