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Put In More Time & Efforts On Affiliate Niche Blogs & Stores

My blogging pal and her hubby will turn full time internet marketers soon. They have had enough of their business that requires their full time and efforts. I know her hubby is good at online option trading. Maybe this is one of the reasons they decided to turn full time internet marketers. I am not […]

Earn Cash Online To Pay Off Credit Card Debts Fast

It’s a relief that I no longer have $60,000 credit card debts. I have paid down my debts from $63,809 to $41,331. I am looking for ways to earn more cash online to pay down the credit card debts to $38,000 in this year. Besides setting up more niche blogs and affiliate stores selling ellipticals, […]

A Credit-Card-Debt Mama Prays For God?s Help

Hubby and I just came back from the city. We went to visit my uncle who is fighting for his life in the hospital. Though the doctor says there is nothing he could do, every family member still has high hope that God is healing my uncle. Seeing my uncle turning from a healthy man […]

Application On The Debt Management Plan Is In Progress

Finally, I successfully submitted my application for the debt management plan (debt repayment plan) on Monday. According to the credit counseling, it’s going to take three months for the process before I know if my application is approved or not. For the time being, I still have to keep on making credit card payments. How […]